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  • UE Systems

    For over 40 years, UE Systems has produced thousands of ergonomically designed portable, and incredibly accurate airborne/structure borne ultrasonic instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, these instruments have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity, and overall replacement costs. UE System’s digital Ultraprobe® instruments are supported by Ultratrend DMS, a powerful data management software that fully integrates all inspections for effective plant-wide reliability and energy conservation.  In fact, this patented software is the first of its kind to report both cost and carbon footprint reduction while enabling users to analyze, repair and report their savings.So whether you require instrumentation for a simple or robust predictive maintenance program, need safe, reliable equipment for hazardous areas, or want assurance that your reliability program is working around the world, UE Systems can help you become more productive and profitable.

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  • RDI Technologies

    The IRIS-M powered by Motion Amplification is a revolutionary video-processing product and software package that measures subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye. Every pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of data points in an instant. All the user has to do is point the camera at an asset take video data and then push a button to amplify the true motion of the entire field of view. Then simply draw a box anywhere in the image to measure the displacement with a time waveform and frequency spectrum. You can now see the big picture without adding costly sensors or spending days modeling the asset.Quick and effective alternative to traditional ODSGreat troubleshooting toolReturns a Time Waveform and Frequency Spectrum anywhere in the image.Effective communication tool between technical and non-technical resourcesSoftware is easy to use and provides instant resultsCompletely non-contact solutionAcquire data during normal operations Possible uses are endless

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  • ACOEM Oneprod

    ONEPROD : for condition-based maintenance of rotating machines, tailored to your precise needs.ONEPROD is a range of equipment and condition monitoring services for the industrial and energy sectors, ensuring that production facilities are maintained operational at the lowest cost. The ONEPROD range also includes data acquisition and processing solutions via simple and effective web interfaces, enabling the operators to focus on their jobs and decision-making.

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  • Fixturlaser

    Since the very beginning in 1984, ACOEM AB (formerly known as ELOS Fixturlaser AB) has helped industries throughout the world to achieve more profitable and sustainable production. We have reached where we are today by having the courage to think beyond the norm and follow slightly unconventional paths. We have had the courage to make mistakes and find new directions. Through our resolve, ambition and knowledge we have become a global player and a leader in innovative, user-friendly shaft alignment.

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  • Connection Technology Center

    Connection Technology Center, Inc. – CTC – offers the widest variety of high quality accelerometers, vibration sensors, cables and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. This industry leading product portfolio is supported by an unconditional lifetime warranty on all CTC accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware products.

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  • Mobius Institute for Training & Certification

    MOBIUS INSTITUTE is a worldwide provider of Reliability Improvement, Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance education to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians, allowing plants to be successful in implementing Reliability Improvement programs through delivery of more easily understandable and comprehensive training of Reliability and Vibration Analysis via public, in-plant and online education programs.  Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) is ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436 accredited, providing globally recognized certification to Category I-IV vibration analysts in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2. We have delivered classroom training to over 18,000 analysts from 158 countries since 2005, and thousands more through our computer-based training.

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  • Bruel & Kjaer

    Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S supplies integrated solutions for the measurement and analysis of sound and vibration. As a world-leader in sound and vibration measurement and analysis, we use our core competences to help industry and governments solve their sound and vibration challenges so they can concentrate on their primary task: efficiency in commerce and administration.   Our Mission is to help our customers measure and manage the quality of sound and vibration in their products and in the environment   Our Vision is to be the first choice and long-term business partner, delivering innovative technical solutions which create sustainable value for our customers We will be a profitable business and a great place to work.

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