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  • IRIS Maintenance Technologies provides engineering services that address power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, food, pharmaceuticals, marine and other industries, where reliable assets are basis for a continuous and profitable production.


    IRIS Maintenance Technologies provide the following services;


    ·         Design and Retrofitting

    ·         Commissioning of newly acquired machineries

    ·         Root cause finding / analysis and diagnostics

    ·         Development of CBM and predictive / preventive maintenance programs

    ·         Field vibration monitoring, analysis and diagnosis

    ·         Thermography and process parameters monitoring

    ·         Thermal Growth Studies

    ·         Plants' Structure Reliability Assessment

    ·         Integration with other data servers (ERP, CMMS etc…)

    ·         Inspection and testing in compliance to International Standards like ISO and API

    ·         Laser Alignment

    ·         Field Balancing

    ·         Strain Gage Installation and Monitoring

    ·         Torsional Vibration measurement using strain gages and telemetry system

    ·         Modal testing and Analysis

    ·         Airport Noise Monitoring

    ·         Noise Source Identifications

    ·         Noise Impact Assessment

    ·         Noise City Mapping

    ·         Industrial/civil noise problem solving

    ·         Fluid structure interaction problem solving

    ·         Electrical machinery testing: motor current signature analysis

    ·         Remote Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems

    ·         Stack Emission Monitoring

    ·         Indoor / Outdoor Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

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